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The UConn Writing Center offers free tutoring services to first-year writing (FYW) students through in-person, online, and asynchronous appointments. Make an appointment at the Writing Center to get valuable feedback on your writing at any stage of the process.

Research, Citations, and Avoiding Plagiarism

UConn expects students to uphold the highest ethical standards of academic and scholarly integrity.

The UConn Library offers online resources to help students produce ethical writing. Highlights include:

Instructor and Peer Feedback

Your instructor and peers can be some of your best writing resources. Our courses are built around in-class, live feedback to ensure you understand the assignment and are working ethically, with the University and larger communities in mind. Talk with your instructor early and often if you’re struggling with an assignment or if you want to brainstorm ideas. Ask a classmate to read and offer feedback on your draft.

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